My Journey into Pelvic Health Physiotherapy: Empowering Women One Step at a Time

My Journey into Pelvic Health Physiotherapy: Empowering Women One Step at a Time

I wanted to share a bit about myself and how I found my calling in the field of pelvic health physiotherapy. My journey began in 2005 when I started my degree in physiotherapy. We were fortunate to be one of the few universities that included pelvic health as a module. Our lecturer, Tina McGahey, was incredibly inspiring and passionate about the topic, which ignited my interest.

As a junior physiotherapist in 2008, I eagerly sought opportunities to shadow a pelvic health physiotherapist within our team. During this time, I also experienced the challenges of an overactive bladder, which spurred me to delve deeper into the subject and even led me to self-treat my symptoms.

In 2011, I moved to Cornwall and secured my dream job, which allowed me to practice both pelvic health physiotherapy and general musculoskeletal physiotherapy. This role was incredibly fulfilling, as I could integrate my interests and skills in both areas.

After having children and experiencing firsthand the impact of pregnancy and childbirth on the pelvic floor, my passion for sharing pelvic health knowledge grew even stronger. I was frustrated by the limited awareness women had regarding pelvic floor health and felt compelled to dedicate my work exclusively to this area. Consequently, I transitioned fully to pelvic health physiotherapy.

Many people I encounter are unaware that pelvic health physiotherapy exists, and they are often surprised when I explain my role. I genuinely love my job and find it incredibly rewarding to empower women and make significant, life-changing differences in their lives.

Realising that I could only help the person in front of me led me to think about how I could reach more women, break the taboo, and share essential information that all women should know. This inspiration led to the creation of Every Woman Physio, an online platform to disseminate this crucial knowledge.

In 2022, I launched The Pelvic Floor Masterclass, a comprehensive 12-week program that compiles all the knowledge, tips, and advice I have gathered since 2007. This program offers easy-to-follow knowledge sharing and exercise workouts focusing on restoring the pelvic floor, integrating the core, and supporting the body as a whole. While developing this course took me out of my comfort zone (including being in front of a camera!), the positive feedback from clients has made it all worthwhile.

My dream is to help as many women as possible, empowering them with the knowledge and tools they need to lead healthier lives.

Abby x

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